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I doubt it was actual Democrats who did not come out to vote in 2016. It was mostly independents. Anybody connected in a formal way to the Democratic Party would have been highly motivated. But over 1/3 of voters are not connected to a Party, and float from flower to flower, voting sometimes R, sometimes D, some times Third Party, and sometimes not at all.

And as for sh*tty candidates, almost all of Hillary's supposed sh*tyness was supplied by Republicans! It was the big lie technique: You repeat a lie enough times and people start to believe it. Apparently you still do, even though Hillary's policies were almost identical to Obama's.

That's right, Democrats wanted independents to vote for their sh*tty candidate because vote blue no matter who. Then they blamed those non-Democrats for their loss. Go figger...you've got to earn the independent voters.

I liked Clinton. I voted for her. I think she would have been a great president. But, say what you will, she was a sh*tty candidate. Too much baggage, too many political enemies, she was too distant, too aloof, and most of all had no charisma. There were a thousand things that that made her a better choice than Trump. But what did he have that she didn't have? CHARISMA.

Democrats have one charismatic candidate in the primaries. They have one candidate who is known to have enormous support among independents.

It aint Biden.
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