At the risk of giving offense I would repeat that, even if the Dems win the election there are VERY few promises likely to be kept. The problem is the national debt. By the end of 2020 its gonna be likely that payments of the debt itself will be more than we spend on maintaining the military! (and, maybe more than that)

The simple fact is that a national debt of something like 24 TRILLION dollars costs a LOT to maintain! The only way that can be fixed is to raise taxes and plow it all back into the debt until its manageable. This also means that everybody will work very hard to rank on the Dems for doing something like that which will, again, bring back the Repubublicans so they can, yet again, increase the national debt.

So, first and foremost, support whoever is running as the Democrat, just don't make any difference. Someplace in all of this there was a bumper sticker suggested. It looked like:

"Who cares? At least he's not Trump" (change "he's" to appropriate for candidate)

The simple fact is that is the goal and everything else is secondary. Stop the Democratic internals, the maligning of the Democratic opposition, etc. and just get it done!!!!!!! The promises, no matter how good, bad, or indifferent just don't make any difference - not gonna happen! The Republicans are making sure of that one right now!

The Trump efforts to control the debt are pretty simple and quite public. If its for education, healthcare, the poor, the environment, the needy, etc. cut it. If its for corporations or the upper 10% spend it or give it away! The Dems would be much better off if they stopped attacking each other and work on that a bit.