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Did I just see a headline that said Joe Biden is open to a Republican running mate? That's really gonna boost his chances.

Old Uncle Joe is going to reach across the aisle and heal the nation...

It's feckin insanity but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Sorry, but I don't think I can wrap my brain around something like that. And it's NOT even because they are "Republican" in the generic sense but because they are what passes for Republican today. This isn't 1960, this is 2019, and the Republicans who even COULD fit such a concept AINT IN the Republican Party anymore.

But more importantly, where would such a running mate's loyalties lie? That is the problem, because if their loyalties lie WITH that party as it is today, it means their loyalties lie with Trump, because today's Republican Party is the Party of Trump.

If it was the Party of Ike Eisenhower then maybe I could consider it. There are no Nelson Rockefellers or Ike Eisenhowers.

And in any case, we're so far to the Right right now that the very last thing we need is a 6000 ton barge dragging us even further in that direction when what we need is to land somewhere around center-Left.

And from where we sit right now, even the very center itself seems light years away.
No thanks, hard pass, sorry.
I think Biden is losing his marbles.
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