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Sanders leads in:

Money raised
Number of individual contributions
Number of volunteers
Numbers of voters who’ve ‘made up their minds’
Crowd sizes
Voter trust

Just sayin

I can talk about how pleased I am to see Sanders getting more respect and tying with Biden, and with you, it's as if I just posted MAGA.
Oh well, at least you are consistent! ROTFMOL

Yeah, ICYMI, I just finished posting about how Sanders is getting better media recognition. I could add that party heads are beginning to apparently grasp the realization that their best fortunes may lie with him.
But it doesn't matter... LOL because you'll just keep making this about me and my...what's the slur you use for liberals now?

It's like you have one of those new VR filters on.
I could post a pic of me and the wifey wearing Bernie shirts and you'd see "Trump-Pence 2020" instead.

Wow, just wow.
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD