Actually, it doesn't. When you have companies like Standard Oil and Amazon paying no taxes at all whilst everybody working is having taxes ripped right out of their paychecks kinda shows that. Its kinda like saying that tariffs are not taxes.

I guess what I am really saying is that they do bring income but they are simply not fair. I think that fairness, by government, makes people more favorable to government which is a good thing. Our system of taxes may bring in the bucks but it certainly doesn't have favor with the common citizen that pays them.

I am not for bankrupting the rich. I am, however, in favor of taxing the very rich more than the plain rich and am for taxing those a bit more than those not rich. We have done that for a very long time. Right up until we had the Trump tax cut which increased our national debt by 1+ trillion a year.

That bill, I fear, will be the sin that eventually brought down the United States of America.