If Trump holds true then, by November, I can't even imagine what will have been revealed. I also believe Trump will double down on just about everything he can that thinks his base likes.

So, if Trump is held in low esteem now one can kinda spec on where that will be next November but its not gonna be all that good.

All that being said the Republicans standing for re-election are going to have to explain why they didn't stand up. My fond hope is that the Dems can rise to the occasion and actually fight back.

As far as trump and tax returns are concerned. I have read that Putin bought him with 4 billion dollars 8 to 10 years ago. I fully expect we will, by November, know if that is real or not (along with, if history is right, a LOT more!) My current wondering is just how man tapes does Lev have, only 1 60 minute take or a whole bunch of 60 minute tapes.

All in all, as we move forward, remember - we WILL BE ENTERTAINED - A LOT! in future months. its kinda like actually living in a tv show! We should be delighted! (and its all FREE! (kinda))