revenue has declined by between 3.5 and 8 percent.

That simply cannot be true because tax revenue rises every year.

Blame for any increase in the deficit lies entirely with Democrats, they now control the House of Representatives and, constitutionally, the purse strings of government spending. President Trump has promised to eliminate the national debt completely by the end of his next term.

Anyone failing to vote for his positive fiscal agenda will be entirely responsible for his failure to achieve these goals. Spending cuts will begin in earnest next year when he is sworn into office for his second term. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Veterans Administration are bloated government programs that need to be cut down to size or eliminated completely. School lunch programs will be eliminated completely as students can brown bag it. K-12 public education will implement tuition fees and the Department of Education will provide loans to parents who can't afford them.
All CHIP and SNAP programs will be eliminated as well and it is hoped that another $12Billion dollar aircraft carrier can be built with the proceeds from this cut. (any funding overuns will be deposited directly with Trump Org. Future corporate tax cuts will increase revenue further! It is hoped that before his third term begins corporate taxes can be eliminated completely and President Trump will be declared President for life to avoid exorbitant spending on future elections. His heirs will be appointed leading positions as the dysfunctional US Congress is replaced with Trump family members and friends, saving Americans the need to vote and the wasted productivity involved therein.

The exploitation of workers will continue until moral improves!
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