I still believe the same thing:

Justice Lewis Powell "created" the divisiveness, but Rush Limbaugh made it accessible and understandable to the mouth-breathing yokel masses. Powell's memo was a vitriolic and yet scholarly work, while Limbaugh's show is "Powell" if you fed it to a pig, extracted the fecal matter and then reconstituted it into Powell flavored pablum.

It was the Powell Memo that gave birth and rise to the plethora of "think tanks", designed to churn out alternate realities and favorable cherry picked "data" to support the media packaged anger.

The Powell Memo is the "mein kampf" of the angry Right. Limbaugh's show is just a moveable Nuremberg Rally on the radio.
And Murdoch is his counterpart on TV.

And now their biggest media cheerleader on the radio has cancer.
Too bad he didn't get already sidelined by losing his hearing six years ago.

Look at the BILLIONS invested in supporting the angry "Powell" corporatist position. Forget parties, the Powell angry tribe has outspent all parties combined in the last forty years by several orders of magnitude.

And Chunk is right about the fact that some Dems lined up with their hands out for some of those billions too.

The Powell Memo worked well, beyond their wildest dreams.
Powell has ultimately led us to Trump, you can draw a bright red line from there to here.

Of course, almost anything can work well when you pump billions of dollars into it, unless you get too full of your own rhetoric and start actually believing your own bullsh!t.
And they have indeed reached that point, and that is why I am hoping to God the American people wake up to that fact.

And that is why I think pinning our hopes on a moderate is foolish, there are no "moderates" remaining in the opposition party to reach across to.
If Bernie or Warren can learn to package and market their message effectively, they will win decisively.

Somewhere in there, they need to force people to answer the question:

"Who are the "moderates" on the other side that a moderate Democrat can work with?"

Because I just don't see any.
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