Blue no matter who has a lot of asterisk and fine print.

Among the punditry perhaps...but among the voters not so much. Trump hatred will overpower socialism fears when it comes down to brass tacks.

Polling seems to indicate that independents are predominantly right leaners. I suspect this is false or misleading at best. Perotista and I need to talk about this.

My issue with poll results are primarily that all polls are taken among people willing to take polls. And my theorem is that people who take polls skew older and more conservative. That's why Biden has ruled the national polls for months. That's why Bernie got stuck in the polls earlier in the race.

Now that the official polling has begun the numbers are changing. Skewing left of earlier polls as younger less conservative voters(who typically don't take polls) are making their voices heard.

Primary voters tend to skew older and more conservative as well, but something has gone wrong with the plan...Voters are feeling the Bern a lot more than people who take polls.

This feeds into my belief that independents are farther left than most imagine, and that Bernie has a massive following among independent millenials who are only going to vote if Bernie is the candidate. Once in the voting booth they will vote a straight blue ticket and help out the down ballot candidates. Bernie will pull more Z-Gen voters off the couch too.

That's how we take the Senate with Bernie! By getting voters out to vote who wouldn't otherwise. It's a vast pool to draw from.......
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