Do not think that the plunge in the Dow is due to the coronavirus, which is the bullsh*t that corporate media is attempting to feed you. Don't blame it on Trump either. History has shown that, after every huge advance in the stock market, there comes a soul crushing low. It's the way the market works, and Presidents and politicians don't have as much to do with that as you might think. I don't believe that we are quite in recession yet, but we are about to be. After a more than 10 year positive ride, the market is due for a correction and a resulting recession. The coronavirus did not cause what we saw this week so far. It was negative earnings news coming out of Europe that triggered it. Still, I think the market will rebound quickly, but a moderate to moderately severe recession is going to hit for sure later this year, as a market correction takes place.

On the other hand, since Trump keeps claiming credit for a market that was already a bull market 7 years before he came into office, he can take credit for the coming recession too. He can't have it both ways. He can lie about being the one responsible for the bull market if he wants to, and then, before November, the market will kick his ass six ways from Sunday, and he will have some serious explaining to do if he wants a snowball's chance in hell of keeping his job. LOL.