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I honestly believe you'll be bitterly disappointed if Sanders wins the nomination.

Is that because you think Trump will handily thump Sanders in the general election? Or because Sanders will win but find no success for his agenda?

I dunno about Chunks but I'm perfectly okay with either of these outcomes.
Just getting a progressive candidate nominated would be a BFD.

Getting one into the White House even bigger.

Expecting actual change might be asking more than the fates are willing to offer. A few small changes would be nice but not completely necessary. Electing Bernie would be a bit like re-arranging the stage before the next act. It's not really about Bernie you know. It's about the rest of us.

Earlier a friend of mine said that NO ONE can beat Trump because he looks bigger on the debate stage.
"He's taller than all the Democrats"
Oh well, no point in even running any candidates, I guess ROTFMOL

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