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I think all this is about Bernie the NON Democrat? I also think that the actual Democrats have had enough and are prepared to see the far left go away. Why not? If they don't get their way they go away anyway and cannot be counted on. I am equally sure that Bernie is unlikely to get any of his plans legislated. He has been trying, for over 10 years to get something done and has failed. As president I suspect it would be exactly the same.

I don't see Bernie as "far Left" considering that I grew up in a time when a lot of his ideas were in place. Healthcare was nonprofit...I don't think it was even legal to profit off healthcare insurance back then. Higher education at state and community college was either free or couch change, union membership was commonplace, and even a minimum wage worker could afford a roof of some kind over their head.

Far Left? Bernie would be center-Right in most EU countries, so calling him "Far Left" is nothing more than a testament as to how far to the Right we've been dragged.

So to me, all this sound and fury amounts to "We can't have nice things because people believe Far Right Republican shibboleths."
I do not accept the shibboleth of red-scare paranoia without question.

The trouble is, I am painfully aware of the fact that said shibboleth is backed by billions of dollars in structural and psychological reinforcement. I am painfully aware that I feel like I am screaming at a tornado, such is the good it will produce.
And my lungs are petered out from so much screaming.

The tornado doesn't give two sh!ts what I have to say.
"We can't have nice things."

Oh and, the "He's not a Democrat" thing, it's bullsh!t.
That's been proven to me in spades now.
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