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Nicely said.
I'm arguing that republican Shibboleths have now become Democratic ones s'all.

By the way, Bloomberg just hired the Democratic party's vice-chair's of Texas and California.

And I'm arguing that tossing ourselves like lemmings over the cliff because we don't wind up with the candidate we like best is a repeat of the self immolation of 2016. Electing more AOC's and the like and turning the establishment Dems out to pasture is how we will bring about change to the party.
Simply put, if the Dem establishment refuses to be responsive, and we have the better numbers, then we need to put those numbers to use, not run away and sulk.

I like Bernie, I want Bernie, but I will not sacrifice myself in the fire of retribution to "teach everyone a lesson" for not agreeing with me.
To me, stopping Trump is the top priority. I can live to fight another day with Trump gone.
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