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I like Bernie, I want Bernie, but I will not sacrifice myself in the fire of retribution to "teach everyone a lesson" for not agreeing with me.

So not voting the way you think I should is "sacrificing myself in the fires of retribution to "teach everyone a lesson""?

Why can't I just vote or not vote for whichever candidate I please? Even if The Party f*cks my favorite candidate seven ways from Sunday and inserts their favorite neo-liberal billionaire candidate into the race, you believe that for some reason I...not even a member of the party...owe the party my vote?

Maybe you need to be trying to convince Republicans to vote blue. You'll stand a better chance with that than getting me to vote for Biden or Bloomberg.

Nothing of the kind, Greger. I am just explaining why I cannot do it.
If Bernie wins, he gets my vote.
If a glass of lukewarm water wins, it gets my vote.
Right now, getting rid of Trump trumps everything else, he is a cancer on my life and the lives of my wife and kids.

We will not survive four more years of him...or even four more years of Mitch McConnell's stranglehold on the Senate.
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