Wow, just learned Biden wins Massachusetts and Minnesota. Just last week, Biden was in single digits in Minnesota trailing Klobuchar by 21 and Sanders by 15. On the 29 Feb in Massachusetts it was Sanders 24, Warren 22, Biden 11 in fifth place behind Bloomberg and Buttigieg.

Texas looks like Sanders will prevail. He's up by 4 with 43% of the vote counted. Another surprise is Maine where Biden leads by a single point with 74% of the vote counted.

But listening to the exit poll data it is as I stated before, Sanders is strong with whites and Hispanics, very weak among blacks. It'll be Hispanics that carry Sanders to wins in Texas and California.

Everyone expected Sanders to win 10 states, he'll win 5 or 6 depending on Maine. But Sanders seems will take the big prizes of California and Texas. Although both Texas and Maine are too close to call.

Bed time, until tomorrow.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.