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It will be interesting who she endorses. Will be an interesting reveal and have much to say about her 'progressive' narrative that's been advertised.

I have to say I resent that. IF she doesn't endorse Bernie she's not a true progressive?
As a progressive and long time Bernie supporter myself, I don't know now who I'm going to vote for now that she's gone. She stole my heart this time with her well thought out doable progressive agenda. Bernie's Bros are driving me batshit crazy with the notion that the ONLY reason she ran in the first place was to get Bernie elected. And that if she endorses Biden (I don't like him either) she's selling out.
I'm in Georgia (yeah believe it or not) and at the end of the day now I'm going to vote for who I think has the best chance of beating this monster in office.
And nobody can tell me I'm not a progressive. Those from here who remember me can testify to that!

Excuse my anger but right now I'm devastated, angry, disappointed and feeling hopeless. The one person, the most qualified person (by far), with the best PROGRESSIVE plan is gone now.
And the Bernie folks (of which I used to be and hope I still am when I calm down) better straighten up. You're driving people away with your sexist whining and bullying and speculating on what a woman candidate "should" do!

You have to remember that a certain type of Bernie fan thinks of themselves as a sort of priesthood, and they will tell you what is moral and right.

It's your job as a fully paid-up human being to tell them to get stuffed, of course, but don't be shocked by the preaching.
What can we do to help you stop screaming?