I apologize for wording my post in such a way that singled you out as a sexist and bully. And honestly I don't know where the term Bernie Bros comes from so I probably shouldn't have used that reference either. In fact I usually don't use it at all.
I haven't visited this forum in a while so I don't know you other than this thread.
I was speaking generically to whom it may apply. In fact, I came here because I needed a safe place to rant. As I said I'm angry and disappointed that her chances looked so good and then she was squashed like a bug. Sexism. You betcha. I thought she was the one who could beat it.

I have numerous friends, and I do mean friends (I don't want to lose) who are driving me crazy with their attacks on Elizabeth.
I myself was/is a passionate supporter of Bernie until Elizabeth entered the race. She stole my heart with her progressive ideas and detailed ways to implement them. That doesn't mean that I think less of Bernie. Not at all. I just think she's more pragmatic and I like a person with a plan. I mean it, my other progressive friends are really getting turned off by the Hillary like vitriol surrounding her. It is distinctly sexist.

Who she decides to endorse is in question because she may choose strategy over ideals. I may go the same way. I disagree with Greger that Joe is just as bad as the present occupant. I have a decision to make about who I think is most electable.
So....I think that one shouldn't presume that if she endorses Biden she's not still a progressive.
Wouldn't it be nice if she had the ear of centrist Joe and could pull him to the left a little bit?

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."