Hey Olyve,
Donít sweat me any. I get your frustration and anger. Itís not easy to have your champion step down when you place your hopes and efforts into them for real progressive change.
I live in Buffalo Bills country and being crushed with disappointment is a regular feature every season frown
While I have some reservations with Warren it would never be about her gender. Only her politics. Iíve worked on two political campaigns for two awesome women candidates. One succeeded while another did not. It sucks when your candidate loses. Real bad.

I canít tell you how to vote only that one candidate has a solid record of fighting the good fight for progressive causes his whole political career. The other candidate has dismantled much of the progress that was achieved by our parents and grandparents struggles to achieve a living wage, public services, bringing banks and monopolies to heel, fighting for the right to organize, racial justice, etc...

In my entire adult life I have seen little evidence of strategic political triangulation that has led to any lasting, universal progress in health, income or justice for the majority of Americans. I see no reason why it would now.

I really want to be pleasantly surprised by Warren and Sanders. Settle any differences and present a united progressive front to the conservative, corporate sponsored wing of the Democratic Party.

I want Warren made a financial fraud czar to stomp on Bloomberg, Diamond, Blankfein, etc. Sanders will need people like Warren if there is any hope of getting some progress made and getting any kind of humane form of government from this soul crushing one weíve had. I hope their talks result in an alliance.

Iím happy you could blow off some steam here at the rant and glad to see you post again and hope you will some more.