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It won't matter much since both are toast as far as this election is concerned. Biden appears to be the shoo-in at this point. Were there shenanigans? I think so...

There has been shenanigans since the beginning of the primary starting in Iowa. It looks like the same unaccountable discrepancies between final vote totals reported being outside the margin of error of exit polls are happening now as they did in 2016.
States having paper ballot back were reported not having the same discrepancies as the exit polls.:

“Presidential candidates Biden’s and Bloomberg’s vote counts exhibited the largest disparity from their exit poll projections. Biden’s unobservable computer-generated vote totals represented a 15.7% increase of his projected exit poll share. Given the 1,342,905 voters in this election, he gained approximately 60,900 more votes than projected by the exit poll. Bloomberg increased his vote share by 28.2% and approximately 34,500 more votes than projected. Their gain came largely at the expense of candidates Sanders and Warren whose combined vote counts were 97,000 less than projected by the exit poll.[i]

Noteworthy is the fact that the 2016 Massachusetts Republican Party exit poll taken at the same time and at the same precincts as the Democratic Party primary, and also with a crowded field of five candidates, was matched almost perfectly by the computer count—varying by less than one percent for each candidate.”


No one was interested then, I doubt they will be any more now.