And in 2016:

“For the numbers I can find (nearly all of them) on the GOP side for the same states, the overall bias is virtually nil, with most results getting the margin between first and second place in each contest right within a percentage or two. In 17 of the 25 contests on the Dem side, the exit polling miss on the marginal difference was 3.5% or more; this has happened just four times on the GOP side. On the GOP side, the misses of 3.5% or more were distributed across candidates. On the Dem side, 16 of 17 were in Clinton’s favor. For 9 of the 25 contests, the polling miss was 7.0% or greater, all in Clinton’s favor. This happened just once for Republicans (Texas).”

2016 primary elections fraud allegations

I’m of the opinion that the party just did a multi state Iowa on Super Tuesday.
The Massachusetts point swing was absurd. The exit polling discrepancy errors should
be randomly distributed. As we watched in Iowa, they keep disadvantaging in one direction. Just as they did in the 2016 primary but not the GOP’s.