Well, on to the next phase of who will be...

Since we will have a nominee in their late seventies, we will also be voting for their possible successor. My wife and I were talking about this and here is a shortlist of possibles and a few reasons pro or con.

Warren - Holds a seat in the Senate, can do more damage in the Senate, in her seventies herself

Kamala Harris - Holds a seat in the Senate, can do the job, needs more political seasoning, would bring in more black voters

Amy Klobuchar - Holds a seat in the Senate, no excitement, feels like Hubert Humphrey, record as a prosecutor

Cory Boker - Holds a seat in the Senate, no excitement, would bring more black voters

Barack Obama - 22nd amendment

Pete Buttigieg - young, needs more seasoning, should have held a governorship, though many like him, this country will elect a female President before it does an LGBTQ President (a shame I would vote for him)

Then we thought of

Michelle Obama - generates excitement, would give Trumpiaens and Republicans apoplexy, would bring the black vote and more women of all colors

Beto O'Rouke - Texas native son, strong Hispanic support, does not hold a seat in the Senate

Just a short list.

So who do you think could be a running mate this election.

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