couple of problems with that.

The media created narrative is Joe getting the bump out of South Carolina that helped propel his victory in Mass.
He wasn’t not polling well prior to Tuesday. If his stunning upset there can be attributed with early voting wouldn’t previous polling reflect that or are Biden supporters adept peekaboo polling artists?

Hardly any advertising.
Got his arse handed to him in neighboring New Hampshire just prior.
The errors in exit polling should’ve been randomly distributed. They were not.
They were in the Republican primary of 2016. They were not in the Democratic primary.

I was on the texting Berner. Of the respondence that texted back Biden was nearly non-existant. More responses for Warren and Bernie support than anywhere else. My anecdotal observations of text response support mirrored polling reports.
He had no organization in Mass prior to Tuesday.

Risks of computer vote hacking have been widely reported on before the primary even began. Those warnings went largely ignored. Dubious Russian meddling was sold to the public instead. It’s why I my immediate response I posted here was something ain’t right in Mass.

My take away is if there is no paper back up and it can be rigged it will. Two much money is on the line for the status quo not to do it and they’ve been exposed already in doing so in 2016. Russia took the air out of the room to focus on those issues as it was intended to do, IMO.