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Sad that Warren had to fold. She was probably the most qualified candidate, but after 2016 I'm convinced that women are a female candidate's worst enemy. If women really wanted a female President they could have voted for Clinton, but they didn't. Most White women actually preferred a rapist over a woman. Sad.
PIA, NO. They did not prefer a rapist over a woman. They did however vote to preserve the lifestyle that they have thanks to their men. I have two sister in laws who live lavishly. One went to work on her own once and my brother had a fit. I grew up in a very very patriarchal household. My father grew up in a Mennonite farming family in Kansas. Though he left the church (got kicked out) he retained his built in sexist ways. Men are the bread winners, women are their support system.
Once the boomers are gone (of which I am a member so watch yourself!)maybe all that will get better. I know that my daughter's Atlanta suburban neighborhood is waking up from their republican stupor. They are younger. They are educated. They are well off. They are horrified....after the fact.

It took me a while to get over/accept why 53% of white women voted for a monster. I've still got some anger and disappointment but I had to remind myself (stupidly)that women live in a man's world still and sometimes choose to take what they can get however they get it.
And that's why I'm conflicted about all this talk about her "supporting" one candidate over the other. Maybe one of them will throw her a bone and pick her as vice president! ThumbsUp

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