“We need each other. Main Street and Wall Street must come together”- Donna Brazille.

There you have it. The liberals moving to the Republican side. The Republicans go to the fascist side.

Warrens going to burn her “progressive” image next and join the corporate board. Politically weaponizing gender equality was the first show card. She’s looking for that pay day, she’ll endorse Biden, her political nemesis, soon.

Biden will be kept in a meat locker as they did Hillary, but for totally different reasons. The more the public saw of Hillary the more her approval ratings went down. The more the public sees of Biden the more he makes a case for Sanders. He’s sundowning hard.

It’s amazing how predisposed the libs are to falling in line. Biden got Thomas to the Supreme Court, wanted to restrict abortion, opposed gay marriage, etc, etc.

Beats voting for a guy fighting for universal healthcare, a living wage and social Justice I guess.

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