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Things can change on a hurry between exit polling and official reporting.
The party has been engaged in a media narrative since day one and the polling numbers will be used when itís convenient to do so.

But they are transitory especially when it comes to Trump vs. Biden.

Coupla things that will wreck those poll numbers:

Republicans will be hauling Biden into criminal investigations over Burisma. Subpoenas are getting readied. Joes got dirt under his nails here.

He continues to mentally deteriorate on the trail. Debates may prove difficult for him going forward between Sanders or Trump, if he makes it.

Front runner status means his consummate insider record will become an issue regarding trade, equal rights, support for reactionary Supreme Court justices, trying to cut social security, etc..,

All of this and much more makes for a lot of drag on his numbers going forward.
The left has been publicly ratf#cked by the party again. I donít think they will come out this time nor should they. Without that support I doubt his numbers will stand up to Trumps going down the road.

Probably true. But I take it you're not worried about Trump and company branding Sanders a socialist? Having many tapes of Sanders himself describing himself as a Democratic Socialist. I'm positive Trump and company will be running those tapes night and day. Will it be successful or not, who knows? But according to Gallup only 45% of independents say they would vote for a socialist. That's throwing half of the independent vote away if Trump and company are successful in branding Sanders as such.


I'm not saying those independents who don't like Trump will end up voting for him because of his branding Sanders as a socialist. One must remember 12% of independents voted third party in 2016, against both Trump and Clinton. That number might rise to 20% or higher if the socialist tag sticks. Which it might being the ads displaying Sanders calling himself a democratic socialist.

Is Biden the best candidate to beat Trump of the two remaining, probably in my opinion. But not in the beginning field. I would put Hickenlooper first, then Klobuchar. Both far more attractive to the independent voter. But independents don't decide who will be the Democratic nominee, Democrats do.

It's like 2016, a poll showed in Feb of that year that 56% of all Americans wanted the Democrats to nominate someone other than Hillary Clinton. The Democrats ignored America as a whole which was their right to do so. No doubt about that. But ignoring America as a whole brought about who we have in the White House today.

I'm not a partisan or an ideologue or one who has a favorite candidate. Just a numbers guy who studies who might have the better chance. You might be correct, then again perhaps neither one, Biden nor Sanders is the right candidate to beat Trump. Time will tell. I can only go by the numbers and data in hand today, I have no idea what the numbers will say come November.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.