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You imagine that a bumbling, uncertain, and unpopular candidate like Biden will be able to beat Trump?
According to polling by YouGov, Biden is the fifth most popular Democrat.

Young voters didn't even come out for Bernie this time, they certainly aren't going to come out and vote for Biden.
But apparently they are. "It's true that the raw number of young voters may be up in some states, particularly those where total turnout has gone up." It's also true that they are a smaller percentage of the electorate, because more Democrats, in general, have shown up.

Biden has shown himself to be weak under pressure, Trump will apply pressure in copious amounts. We knew that this race would depend on turnout, democrats as always, feel that everyone is going to come out and vote for anybody with a D beside his name.
Apparently your perception is not widely shared. Here Are The Voters Who Powered Biden To His 'Big Tuesday' Wins (NPR)
Biden came out ahead of Sanders on the question of who would be better in a crisis.

About half of Michigan voters said they thought Biden was best equipped to handle a crisis, compared to about 31% who sided with Sanders. In Missouri, Biden edged Sanders 61% to 26% on the question.

I agree with you, and Bernie, by the way
"Today, I say to the Democratic establishment, in order to win in the future, you need to win the voters who represent the future of our country," Sanders said. "And you must speak to the issues of concern to them."
Biden needs to do that. But, I think, ultimately, the Democratic nominee (likely Biden) will have the wind at his back, because Trump is so toxic and inept. Biden may not be exciting, but he's known, and that's something the electorate clearly wants.