Now more than ever, I can see that most Americans want things to be like they were before Trump. It's a conservative impulse, even among Democrats. I bet a lot of Trump voters feel the same way, because Trump was so obviously a mistake. Maybe Trump keeps some Evangelicals because they want the end of the world anyway. (If they could just get the Israelis to convert to Christianity! laugh )

From now until January, Trump will continue to do his best to destroy America. He can't help it. That's just Trump being Trump. Unless he dies, of course. Democrats are going to have to do some drastic stuff when they take over. New Deal kind of stuff. If Biden is President, he's going to have to sign the bills the Democratic congress sends him. The President can sabotage agencies but I highly doubt Biden would do that. He's going to put competent, reality-oriented experts in as department heads and cabinet posts. If public health demands it, we will wind up with single-payer, even if Biden opposes it ideologically. The corona virus and the market collapse together will make Biden a lot more of a socialist out of necessity.