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I wish I shared your admiration for Joe Biden's ability to get things done.

He has promised to veto MFA if it crosses his desk, I guess that's all Democrats really want. He has voted multiple times to cut social security and Medicare. Strong issues for most Democrats...cutting those entitlements!

Democrats have made their choice, Biden will most likely be our next president. Maybe you're happy about that, I'm not. Perhaps in the coming years Biden will prove himself to be the dynamic, charismatic, leader who will unite the parties and the American people under one banner. Anything less than that and he will be defeated by a Republican in 2024 if he is able to run at all.

That's the problem with Biden. He has no agenda beyond winning the election and plans to spend his time laughing and ogling for the camera for the entire four years. World events are going to demand far more than Biden has to give.

Biden evolved on gay marriage and pulled BAMZ!!! along for the ride. There is hope that ol' Joe will do the right and progressive thing. smile
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