There is hope that ol' Joe will do the right and progressive thing.

Is there...? I don't think so. He'll do the best he can, but it isn't going to be enough. Biden is going to get the nomination because he isn't Bernie Sanders and he will win the presidency because he isn't Donald Trump.

So who is he? Will he repeat Obama's bail out of the banks in the coming recession? Will he ignore the working class like Obama? His corporate donors and sponsors will be pushing for that.

But he isn't Obama either.

Did you know that Biden has never had a job? He graduated from law school in 1969 and was elected to office in 1970.

"Working class Joe" has never "worked" a day in his life. "Lunchbox Joe" has never carried his lunchbox to a job. He has never worked at anything besides getting re-elected.

His father was a used car salesman.
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