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I think they learned their lesson after years of Trump. That science fiction bright future has to be after we solve the climate problem. It's going to be pretty bleak until that is fixed. So not like something any of us will see in our lifetimes.

But I can see an end to money. So much is handled now electronically, it would be easy to just evolve that into a social credit system. Then the values assigned to certain activities would be controlled by the government rather than by the rich.

The number of "Busters" is much lower than in 2016.

Busters are NOT "Bernie BRO's", they are "Bernie or Bust" voters.
A very very dear friend of mine was a Buster in 2016.
I am a bit apprehensive of asking her if she still has the same stance, because I am not in the mood for the venting she uncorked last time.
She's a wonderful person, but this is (or was) her peccadillo.
She hated Hillary then, she hates Hillary now. But Hillary isn't running, Joe is.

Another friend, a former associate I used to shoot film with, is already firmly in the Tulsi camp. She was Bernie first, then went to Stein in 2016. I got about ten minutes into debating the wisdom of voting Stein and gave up.
Again, a wonderful person, but that is her peccadillo.

I can say that I suspect that Friend #1 is no longer a Buster, but I am hesitant to say that with confidence just yet.

Anyway, that and a dime will get you the chance to look at a cup of coffee. I guess I'll make more inquiries...at some point.

For the record, and for Perotista's sake, I did vote for Sanders in the California primaries. Sanders won California but the math is not looking good elsewhere.
If, as it seems, that his path to the nomination is blocked, I'll vote "Democrat 2020", which probably means Biden.
I'll do it reluctantly and under protest but that's my vote.

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