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So the choice is going to be oatmeal or arsenic. I'd rather have the oatmeal, please. I did vote for Bernie, but he just doesn't have the votes. Still rather have the oatmeal...

I was upset in 2016...this time I'm just disappointed.
I've learned a little something, about the so called youth vote, and I am ashamed to say that I should have learned it forty-something years ago.
Nothing's changed about this "youth vote" in America...it doesn't exist for the most part.
It just. flat. out. does. not. exist.

I have never missed an election in my life, not since I first turned eighteen.
But that's ME, and most of my friends were just like the nonexistent youth vote of today...they talked a lot, they protested, they marched, and then...they didn't bother to SHOW UP and PULL the goddamn levers.

Standing in line and pulling some levers in a box with a curtain is boring, it's not "cool".

And my theory on this is simple:
Aside from 9/11 and a "Pearl Harbor" that's very far in the past and far out in the Pacific Ocean, our youth have never experienced real honest to goodness domestic terrorism, bombing, foreign jackboots or out and out domestic tyranny.
Our youth have never witnessed anything that dire in their own land, at least not since the Civil War anyway.

I think that changes youthful perceptions of issues like voting.
And I guess it's just a fact about the human condition that it takes something that bad to motivate youth to do something that's considered boring and uncool.

Bernie is not going to make it, and it's a shame.
He needed the youth of America to take the reins and pull the levers, and they didn't.
And he will either be too old or he'll be dead by the time our youth finally wake up and realize what they need to do.
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