I like Joe, always have

Near as I can tell, you're a conservative so of course you'd like Joe.

I used to feel a lot the same as you, that the best government was a government mostly held in check. The way it's turned out is that anything to help the working class has been held in check but everything that helps the wealthy has run wild. The top 10% are living the American dream. And no one seems terribly concerned about the rest of us.

I dunno if this is a left/right divide or actual class warfare.

Government right now is engaged in taking food from nearly a million people. Trump announced last time her ran that he would not cut Medicare and Social Security. He has promised this time that he will cut them. Conservatives are fine with letting millions of children go hungry, letting millions of people live on the streets, letting millions of people go without medical or dental care. It is a part of the human condition and not their responsibility. Certainly nothing government should meddle in.

And if it meddles and threatens to tax us to create fewer poor people then it is SOCIALIST.

50 million miles to the left.

And every year conservatives aim to create more poor people, more sick people, more hungry, more homeless, more uneducated, more saddled with unwanted children and most importantly MORE BILLIONAIRES!

What'll Biden do to help reduce plastic pollution? Any federal help to clean it up? How about some aid to the emerging bio-char industry where biowaste can generate power and sequester carbon at the same time. Will there be people around him who have ever heard of biochar?

That's not far left stuff. It's common sense maintenance.

Maybe we can't pull many people out of poverty all at once, but maybe we could lessen their pain?

Fecking HELL NO. Every Republican lawmaker in Washington would vote against anything like that. And you'd likely agree with them.

I don't hold it against you. I don't understand it but I'm aware that half the adults in the nation hold that very opinion. To varying degrees.
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