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I'm probably considered a right wing nut on this site because I don't care for Sanders politics. Although I respect the man. But I don't go around calling him names just because I disagree with his politics. There's way too much of that going on these days.

There's been policies and things every president has done in my life time I supported and things every president has done I disagreed with. Trump is in that same boat as Obama, both Bush's, Bill Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, JFK, IKE. Now I was too young to personally experience Truman.

What I do miss is the era when both parties had their conservative and liberal wings. When there wasn't this great divide between parties. When both parties were more pragmatic than in today's ideologue state.

Sure, we need a lot of improvement back then. We need improvement today. Lots have change since then and for the most part the better. Fact is I'm not looking for any more jerks left or right. Just someone to get us back on a sane path for the betterment of the country. I hate being jerked around.

The thing is I'm not a partisan, both major parties disgust me with their party first attitude. I'm also not an ideologue, I'll weigh each issue by itself and decide whether to support or oppose that issue on what I deem its merits. Not because some political party told me to support or oppose. If that is being far right, so be it. I take it being independent minded.

If you were a "right wing nut" you never would have been invited here in the first place.

Anyway, I actually like your sig line...trouble is, it's an anachronism today...these days. Can that be fixed? Yeah, of course it can, but right now we're sorta stuck with the tribalism, which will have to burn itself out before we can again recreate bipartisanship.
McConnell just said a couple of weeks ago that he VOWS to return to nonstop 100% obstructionism if a Democrat is POTUS in 2021 and he's still in power.

Pero...that IS our problem.
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