I think greger is so far on the left, he's mistaking an Independent, for a Republican. Everybody who does not always agree with you, is not out to kill you! Sure, there are some people who would just like you dead. But you've got to recognize the difference. I'm actually a fellow lefty (voted for Sanders) but from everything I have read, perotista is a centrist. Much like a lot of Democratic Party members.

He could have been a Liberal Republican, but they don't have those anymore.

As for the future of America, I'm all for it being a lot more socialist, for things that make sense. But they have to make sense. They have to work. I think the government is very good at doing a lot of things, and privatizing those things just let's somebody make a lot of money by exploiting underpaid workers. But there are things we don't all need like professional football. When government starts financing football, I say no.