The thing is I'm not a partisan, both major parties disgust me with their party first attitude.

What disgusts me is that neither party is doing anything to address any of the issues that are facing us. Neither party. Not a single issue.

Even emergency legislation in relation to a world wide pandemic which threatens to destroy the world economy and take countless lives....McConnell sent it back to the house because it might cost rich people money. The he sent the Senate home for the weekend. Many are in self isolation. Some infected. This is small government in action...closed on weekends.

What if they all get sick and they don't have a quorum? Is that the end of it? everything just stops?

This is the do nothing government that everybody wants it seems. All that shite will work itself out, none of it is constitutionally mandated and it's every man for himself.


This is the government that Joe Biden helped build...He will fight hard to keep it just like it is. And something about going back to what it used to be...

It's never been good, folks. And the way our dysfunctional government works it's never going to be good. It has most certainly never been great. But it could be. If you would all just put me in charge and let me handle it.............!
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