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I think greger is so far on the left, he's mistaking an Independent, for a Republican. Everybody who does not always agree with you, is not out to kill you! Sure, there are some people who would just like you dead. But you've got to recognize the difference. I'm actually a fellow lefty (voted for Sanders) but from everything I have read, perotista is a centrist. Much like a lot of Democratic Party members.

He could have been a Liberal Republican, but they don't have those anymore.

As for the future of America, I'm all for it being a lot more socialist, for things that make sense. But they have to make sense. They have to work. I think the government is very good at doing a lot of things, and privatizing those things just let's somebody make a lot of money by exploiting underpaid workers. But there are things we don't all need like professional football. When government starts financing football, I say no.

I don't mind being call right wing or left wing. On another site I've been called both and much worse. Yeah, no more liberal Rockefeller Republicans from the Northeast, no more southern conservative democrats either. Both parties have long ago shed their unwanted wing. There has been times I think both parties want to get rid of their moderates. Those in the center, center right and center left. That's a shame, it brought balance to both parties. But that is the past.

I'm not opposed to change either, as long as it does make sense. I can't understand all the time and energy the Democrats put into which bathroom a transgender could use. They're much more important issues to be addressed. That left me scratching my head.

As a nation we've been moving left since FDR. slowly, but surely. Right now I'm looking for some steady, reliable leadership. Someone who realizes getting the ship of state back on even keel. Bring some sanity to governance and this country. Once that is done, then we can address these other things. We're taking on water now, far as I'm concerned that lurch left can wait until we bail most of that water out.

Most of Sanders Ideas won't go anywhere even with a democratic congress. Like you said, there are too many center left democrats. This nation isn't ready for them today, perhaps in 2024 once everything is straighten out. Who knows?

Perhaps in 20 years, Sanders agenda will have become the law of the land. But not today, not in 2020. I'm also a political realist.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.