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I blame Hastert and his Hastert rule for this.

Yeah that's a biggie.

I usually stick to my election forecasts without getting involved in too many issues.

I love bandying about the issues and watching them play out in real time. Guessing how each scandal or crisis or pandemic is going to turn out. And your knowledge and deft handling of polls here is an invaluable resource to the debate, because I will sometimes just make shite up out of my head for the sake of the argument. I do this for fun y'know.

I'm an incredibly useful resource when it comes to election forecasts!

Anything I want to happen will never happen. If I dare to ever get excited about a candidate they will walk off a cliff. First it was Beto...then I went for Liz. Finally Bernie, it looked for a moment like he had a lock...I've made it very clear over the months that I considered Biden to be the worst case scenario.

And here we are.

This isn't a new thing. Just a fact of life here on the left. And this is why left leaning voters just sit home. It's pointless, it's hopeless. Who honestly cares. Your favorite guy will never win but here, vote for this guy you don't like instead...meh.

Meh? I don't think I ever missed an election. At least presidential since 1968 when one had to be 21 to vote. I started off this year with Hickenlooper, then Steyer, then I suppose Biden. In 2016, it was Webb as my first choice, when he decided not to campaign, I switched to Kasich, when Trump and Clinton won the nomination, I voted for Johnson. Not necessarily a vote for Johnson as it was a vote against both Trump and Clinton. Some 9 million of us did that, voted against both major party candidates. Any third name on the ballot would have sufficed.

You know I said more on this site tonight than I probably have since I joined.

As far as the November election, in the swing states Biden does around 3-5 points better than Sanders against Trump. Biden wins Florida, North Carolina, Arizona where Sanders loses to Trump. So at the moment, being a numbers guy, Biden looks the better choice. Again I'm not very ideological. Once the general election campaign begins, that's a whole new ball game with all the negative attack ads etc. Polls this far out are basically useless except to give us a good indication of how things stand today.

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It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.