Couldn't disagree more, that the country has moved left, for a multitude of observable reasons.

This countries gone so far right we have Nazi's being courted by the openly fascist political party.

Liberal's on the other hand, are fascists with plausible deniability (yeah, I know, they're O.K. with Gay and mixed marriages but economically they are birds of a feather with Republicans).

We have seen the wholesale sell off of public goods and assets achieved since FDR (good job Boomers!) while denying any improvements and additions since Reagen.

Both political parties are now wholly owned by corporations thru the purchase of the ballot box and, on the democrat side, voter suppression and ballot rigging.

Inequality has only grown over the last forty years thru legislation and Capitalist forces. Hardle a leftist movement.

Could go on but to say the country has moved left is absurd by any measure.