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Probably depends on one's point of view. I grew up in the 1950's when the only safety net was social security and basically nothing else. Charities and Churches took care of the poor along with neighbors. There was a free medical clinic in the town about 8 miles from our farm which also took care of those who couldn't afford medical fees. Volunteer doctors and nurses. Now this was in a era when doctors would come to your home, you didn't visit the doctors office except in case of an emergency. Anyone remember that? I wonder how anyone could say this country has moved right, we fixed a bunch of social issues, added things like Medicare, medicaid, the minimum wage and a ton of other things.

But I suppose moving left or right depends on what tint of glasses one is looking through.

Ask yourself how doctors and nurses could afford to be volunteers back then, and then ask yourself if those docs and nurses could still afford to do that on an expanded scale, and then ask yourself if you remember any of those poor patients getting heart surgery or dialysis at one of those clinics.

By the way, are you under the impression that our "churches and charities" are able to shoulder the entire load?
When is the last time you visited a food bank?

They are stretched to the MAX right now.
I grew up in the same time period.
By the way, it was ILLEGAL to run health insurance as a PROFIT enterprise back then, did you forget?
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