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We seen what happened when Obama went full fledged ACA in 2009/10. The American people weren't ready for it and that resulted in a 63 seat loss. Bill Clinton did the same thing in 1993/94 which resulted in a 54 seat loss.

That had nothing to do with "the people" and everything to do with paid astroturfers like Frank Luntz, who invented phrases like "government takeover of healthcare" and promoted terms like "death panels" and "unplugging Grandma".

Don't take my word for it.
Meet Wendell Potter, one of the most outspoken healthcare reform advocates in a generation.

Wendell Potter (dot com)

Prior to his resignation in 2008, Potter was vice president of corporate communications for the health insurance company CIGNA.

When's the last time you saw a health insurance executive apologize to Michael Moore?

The reason there was such a backlash to the ACA had NOTHING to do with the people, and EVERYTHING to do with an NRA level corporate smear campaign to tarnish it to the point where people would freak out.

And if you are sincerely interested in learning more, and you can spare an hour of your viewing time, please check this out.

Yes, it's good old Wendell Potter again...

And keep in mind that he worked for CIGNA.

CIGNA is not a slapdash organization.
The company ranked No. 73 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.
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