I grew up in the 50's too. Did you know the population of the US was only 152 million people then? Jobs paid enough that my mom could stay home and take care of the kids. Steam trains were still plying the rails. The American manufacturing system was going gangbusters to supply everything that the world needed because their own productivity had been shattered by WW2. We were the only industrial nation still standing. Good times!

I remember apartheid. So maybe times weren't good for everyone. My queer uncle drowned himself. Girls who got pregnant were shunned, often driven from their families. Whatever boy knocked her up was lauded as quite the cocksman!

We've barely evolved beyond menstruation huts

It wasn't Democrats who made a big deal about transgenders and bathrooms, we just tried to let them take a pee at school without embarrassing themselves. It was conservatives that flew off the handle. Wasn't us in the bathrooms making them show us their genitals to be sure. It was yall. Funny thing was...it was dykey girls getting thrown out of girls rooms, the transgirls were too pretty for anybody to even question them.

It was an issue that needed to be addressed, where some sort of policy needed to be agreed upon. Cases were hitting the courts, and schools are government entities. The Centrist answer, as always was to do nothing. Like everything else, it will take care of itself, best if we just don't talk about uncomfortable stuff. How bout those Mets anyway...........

And straight down the center we go, a runaway train. Unable to turn right or left. Unable to slow down. Unable to react when there is a crisis. Unable to help the people we hurt. Unable to stop hurting them.
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