As for the ACA, the people weren't ready to be taken out of their comfort zone. Numbers would have told the Democrats that. Sure the Democrats would be for it, the Republicans against it, but what about the 40% or so in-between? The non-affiliated. Most were comfortable with what they had. They didn't want the apple cart upset. Sure there needed something done for the uninsured. But how to approach that?

Go to a completely new and different system or to address the problem of the uninsured? A good period of education, information providing, keeping the people informed what it would do or wouldn't do was needed to prevent the disaster of 2010 elections. I look on this differently than most folks here. The people as a whole wasn't ready for the ACA when it was passed and signed into law. If they were, 2010 wouldn't have happened. Blame Frank Luntz if you will. But I more akin to Blame the Democrats for not informing the people the way they should have. But that is history. Sometimes these things take time, time the die hards can't wait on even if it would mean more success in the future.

I've always wondered if the Democrats and Obama hadn't rushed headlong into the ACA before the people were ready for it, what Obama could have accomplished in the grand scheme of things if the democrats still controlled the House. He got the ACA passed, but little else. Sometimes it takes time to bring the people around, especially with major legislation.

Get those in-betweeners on your side, then proceed. I'm sure there was a lot more that could have been accomplished by Obama and company if they'd been willing to take the time to convince the people about the merits of the ACA. Put it off for a couple of years, concentrate what could be accomplished without upsetting the balance.

I've seen this many times. A new president comes in thinks he has a mandate, over does it. Then suffers great losses in the first midterm or lose the house and sometimes the senate also.

Was it worth it, I suppose that is up to you all to decide. I personally think waiting a couple of years, slowly but surely bring the people on board while accomplishing other very important things in the mean time would have been preferable to basically one and done. That is except for executive orders.

But we view things differently. I in what might have been for the entire 8 years of Obama, you as in we got the ACA, to heck with all the rest.
It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.