The very fact that Obama got the ACA passed at all was a miracle of time and pure luck. Obama lost the entire congress in the election of 2010. Remember, too, when Do Nothing Mitch declared, publicly, that he would stop any and all legislation with Obama's name of it. Mitch pretty much did just that. If you will remember there was a lot of talk about Obama governing by decree. The reason he was forced to do that is because legislation was impossible for the Dems. Turkey Trump figured out that was an excellent way to govern too as he didn't have to answer to anybody either. Another interesting thing, about the ACA, is that the Republicans wrote half of that bill (I think CSPAN still has the markup on that one you can watch although its now been years so maybe not). After writing half the bill not a single Republican voted for it. Anyway, even though the Dems still had congress for the ACA Obama had serious problems with the Dems as well.

Just thought I would mention this.