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Interesting conversation going on here. One can tell the ideologues from the pragmatist and the ones who achieve the possible and the ones who try to achieve the impossible when it is impossible and be hog tied for the future. Politics is the art of the possible. I said that before, grab the possible and wait until the impossible is possible.

You forgot the perfect being the enemy of the good and other vacuous statements.
Your a self described numbers oracle. Was it easy to divine the possibility of Trump ripping the tits off the Republican Party in 2016? I doubt it.

Your spinning narratives out of polls which is fine but hardly pragmatism.

Neither is s Pete Peterson obsession over deficits. Most of the time that ‘pragmatism is in service to cutting public goods and services.

I do see that as the next gambit to cutting social security though. Probably a phased in approach with Boomers being left alone but younger generations getting cut out. We’ll see. It’s been a goal of the owner class since WW2.