I recall stating the Republican Party was more Democratic than the Republican light party and some folks lost their cool.

I keep drawing attention to it and will continue to:

’Election results from the computerized vote counts of the 2020 Michigan Democratic Party presidential primary differed significantly from the results projected by the exit poll conducted by Edison Research and published by CNN at poll’s closing. The large discrepancies greatly exceeded the margin of error for the exit poll projected differences between candidates. In this election candidate Sanders underperformed his exit poll projected proportions by 15.4%. Sanders consequently received 105,000 less votes than projected while others (mainly Biden and Bloomberg) received 111,000 more than projected by the exit poll. Of concern is Michigan’s destruction of the ballot images, that could have been used to greatly facilitate a recount, that were created by their scanners for their counts. This destruction appears to violate both federal and state laws.‘

Nothing to see here...

What was once considered the most reliable of polling and used to predict early election results keeps having swings beyond its historically small margin of error (2%).

Anyone care to guess what the United Nations election monitoring considers rigging with exit polling discrepancies?


Same as they did in 2016 where this same anomoly happened.

Sanders should have been screaming about it this time. Trump was smarter and threatened to burn it down. Republicans backed down.
A fatal flaw of Sanders along with stating he’d support the winner of the primary. He lost all leverage with these people.

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