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The Wiemar republic had 40% democratic socialist before market forces brought about a right wing response to an economic condition.
That economic condition was runaway inflation. It was cheaper to burn wheelbarrows of money than to buy coal.

Hitler re-vitalized the German economy. Unfortunately he was also as mad as a March hare.

‘ “Before the rise of Fascism, both Italy and Germany had a robust social safety net and public services. In Italy, the trains were nationalized, and they ran on time while serving rural villages in 1861. The telecom industry was nationalized in 1901. Phone lines and public telephone services were universally available. In 1908, the life insurance industry was nationalized. For the first time, even poor Italians could ensure that their family could be taken care of if they died a premature death…. In 1934, Nazis outlined their plan to revitalize the German economy. It involved reprivatization of significant industries: railways, public works project, construction, steel, and banking. On top of that, Hitler guaranteed profits for the private sector, and so, many American industrialists and bankers gleefully flocked to Germany to invest. The Nazis had a thorough plan for deregulation….”

The Economy of Evil