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As for the ACA, it's the law of the land today, that's fine.

Nope, it's a piece of paper describing a law, and that's about it.
Case in point, my disabled son, who among those in need of adequate health insurance, is now uninsurable once again, just as he was prior to the ACA.
We are hoping he can manage until he gets put on Medicare for SSI, but administration cuts to both will impact him as well.
And it may be up to eighteen months before he ever gets approved for Medicare anyway, so in the meantime the ACA is meaningless for him.

A kid who got three open heart surgeries before age five, has a baseline oximeter O2 average of 78, and the following heart defects, is a valid need for health insurance if ever there was one.

1. Transposition of the Great Arteries
2. Double outlet right ventricle
3. DSV
4. Mitral valve defect
5. Pulmonary stenosis

He is a Fontan patient.

Fontan procedure

The Fontan procedure is palliative — not curative — but in many cases it can result in normal or near-normal growth, development, exercise tolerance, and good quality of life.[6] However, in 20–30% of cases, patients will eventually require heart transplantation[7] and given the long-term consequences of chronic venous hypertension and insidious organ damage, freedom from morbidity is unlikely in the long term.

Daryl is in that 20-30 percent category.
And yet, this "ACA" you speak of, which is "the law" will no longer help him. That's directly due to successful Republican efforts to destroy the ACA. They WON...the battle is over.

Say what you wish, but I am showing you real world evidence that the ACA does not exist anymore in any practical sense whatsoever.

It's just like the fact that you ignore other facts that I presented to you. LOL, they don't align with the agenda you promote, therefore they don't count, I guess.
You're a good man, Perotista, but you need to come out of that silo and face reality, just a little bit.
The reality is, the Party of Trump is destroying basic and essential American institutions.

It is and always has been their openly stated intention.
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