Pero, the problem seems to be that you did not read Wendell Potter's account of how CIGNA and all the other health insurance megacorps SHAPED public opinion.

They SHAPED IT, Potter comes right out and explains exactly how HE and his counterparts at the other companies did it, the how, the why and the wherefore.
Potter explains it all in clear and concise fashion, on his site, his blogs and even in the docu "Deadly Spin".

So, when you SAY things like:

"Strategy wise the ACA was a mistake, the people weren't ready."


"Sure you can say the ACA is a failure due to the Republicans, but if the people were behind the ACA to begin with, the GOP couldn't dismantle it as you put it."

it is crystal clear that you've missed the entire point about the role the companies played in SHAPING all of that.
As I've said countless times, when persons and groups spend enormous sums to shape public opinion, they generally expect results, and they get them.

So, to say that "the people weren't ready" is nonsense.
The people, "THE PEOPLE" were led around by the nose like Ferdinand the Bull, and told what they should think, and the media was told in no uncertain terms that their revenue might be in danger if they didn't play along as well, because the media (not JUST the news, the entire media industry) is dependent upon health insurance and pharmaceutical advertising...NEITHER OF WHICH were even LEGAL back in JFK's time...remember?

Doctors, lawyers, liquor, drugs (except OTC like aspirin) and health insurance were for the most part BARRED from direct advertising on television up until the mid-1970's, with liquor being among the LAST to finally be allowed on TV.

Liquor finally snuck in, but it took almost TEN YEARS after cigarette ads were banned. Most people though liquor would never be allowed.
In fact, up until a few years ago, the act of drinking beer, wine or liquor wasn't allowed either.

And now that these industries ARE allowed, television is now dependent upon their ad revenue, heavily so.

Sorry Pero, claims that "the people were not ready" fall flat because "it is an easy matter to drag the people" along wherever you need them.

Just deny them access to the facts, and inundate them with scary stories and fearmongering.
Works every time.
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