Nobody is denying that the ACA got a major backlash after it passed. We are talking about why. Personally, I kept the same employer-paid insurance I had before it passed. The only difference was that they had to cover pre-existing conditions. As far as I can tell, that is still true today. Trump has added in short term policies that don't, but most people are not stupid enough to buy those. (So why is the heart patient son no longer covered?)

As for the Democrats backing off and delaying passing it, I recall that congressional Republicans were furiously amending it before it passed. Democrats in congress had every reason to think many of those who had modified large parts of it would vote for it. But they all made the last minute Hasturd-style turn against it. Then Republicans labelled it "Obama-Care" and demonized it, even though they wrote a lot of it, including Romney inspiring it. I think you have fallen for their narrative of events, but I remember exactly when I started seeing all the racist Obama derivatives on the internet.