It sounds like technocratic incrementalism using polls.
Without taking into account the dominant structures of media and political capitalism polls will only reflect the desired outcomes of those structures.

Like wood planers- garbage in, garbage out.
Garbage in would be concentrated, coordinated media narratives, voter suppression suc as the closure of 1500 polling locations since 2016 in predominantly working class precincts, and overt demobilization of voters with the exception of the historically dominant class. Today’s being the white aging boomer population.
In short, your polls are simply a desired outcome of the prevailing power structures.

A universal healthcare system centered around patient restoration has been talked about for 75 years. Without a political framework to undertake that, regardless of its popularity with the public, it will have no mechanism to get it implemented. Both parties have taken it off the table in exchange for corporate political patronage.

Public approval has almost no effect on political outcomes. Politics chief aim is to support its patrons while lowering expectations for the citizenry. The current Democratic front runner’s political career exemplifies that situation.

I’m a big fan of Sheldon Woolin’s ‘Inverted Totalitarianism’ To describe the state being a corporate state or corporate fascism.

Basically, IMO, polls are simply a reflection of the desired outcome of the corporate state as it relates to the two political factions as the only choices.

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